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We work with the leading manufacturers in Europe regarding injection molding, automation and peripheral equipment for the plastics industry.
Injection moulding machines

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is a leading manufacturer of injection molding machines. The merger of the traditional German machine manufacturer Demag Plastics Group and Japanese Sumitomo Heavy Industries led to new innovative specialist solutions such as the all-electric IntElect. The machines combine very high precision with low energy consumption We offer the entire range of models from well-known manufacturers in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Lithuania. We guarantee our customers excellent service and support for financing and maintenance.
Material handling


We distribute auxiliaries for drying and dehumidification, feeding and transport as well as dosing and mixing. With the WinFactory 4.0 software, you can control the entire production. Take advantage of our financing solutions and our maintenance service. The Piovan Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of additional equipment for the plastics industry. Founded in 1934, this expert in machine auxiliaries became part of the plastics sector from its inception in the 1960s onwards. Today, they offer a product range with many applications in the industry.

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K.D. Feddersen is your distributor for Wemo products and we guarantee excellent service and support with financing and maintenance. Wemo Automation specializes in robots and automation components for the plastics industry. The full range supplier develops and produces the equipment at its headquarters in Värnamo, Sweden. Wemo's robot, gripper and transport system is applicable to all standard injection molding machines and ensures efficient and easy handling of products. Their focus on ease of use is evident in the modular, flexible systems and in solutions such as Wemo Connect.
Temperature control units


Minimal temperature variations are important for best results in injection molding. Perfect surfaces and dimensions of the component are the result of adequate mold construction and efficient and precise temperature control. The Swiss manufacturer HB Therm is a proven expert in the field and the head office in St. Gallen has been active since 1967. The company's key competence is temperature controllers for injection molding, but the range also includes coupling units, flow meters and cleaning units. K. D. Feddersen distributes all products from HB Therm in Sweden.

CMG Granulatori

CMG is one of the world's leading companies in granulation and has developed several innovative solutions. Through a strong focus on development, CMG's Granulators have low energy consumption to make processing more cost-effective. Their unique cutting technology also prevents interruptions due to scraps, dust and clogged filters. They have created a wide range of mills with rotor diameters from 170 mm up to 900 mm with cutting chambers and knife solutions adapted to a large number of applications.